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ADHD Nation

From New York Times Book Review, a review by Steve Silberman of ADHD Nation written by Alan Schwarz and telling the story of the Making of an American Epidemic, one that has sadly been followed in many other countries. Disorders … Continue reading

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A disease called “childhood”

An opinion piece by Dr Allen Frances in New York Post pointing out how difficult it is to diagnose mental illness in teens, and all young people, and how the current practices lead to high levels of overdiagnosis, which in … Continue reading

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Popping Pills: No Solution for Bad Schools

Article by Dr Allen Frances in Psychiatric Times Oct 25 in reponse to the earlier NYTimes piece by A Schwarz about Docs prescribing stimulants  used to treat ADHD to help kids from poor neighbourhoods struggleing with school  but who do not meet … Continue reading

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Pills to Help in School

Article by A Schwarz in  NY Times Oct 25th – about how more and more children in America are taking pill to cope in school- in effect to make up for inadequacies in the school system. It doesn’t take years of researchers researching … Continue reading

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ADHD drugs suspected of hurting Canadian kids

First in an excellent series by  Toronto Star reporter David Bruser investigating adverse drug reaction reporting in Canada – a system which is as woefully inadequate  as those  in other countries. Do you too find it difficult to conclude anything other than that the … Continue reading

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Antipsychotic Prescriptions in Children Have Skyrocketed

Eight fold increase in antipsychotic prescriptions  to children since 1993 Article  in Time Aug 9 on the alarming rise of antipsychotics prescribed for children. Witht the adult market for antipsychotics approaching saturation, drug companies have turned to creating a new market … Continue reading

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