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The Backlash – On Being Sane In Insane Places pt2

The response to David Rosenhan’s experiment [see part 1 here] from the  private members club the American Psychiatric Assciation was far from being a happy one. [see right] It was after all their game, their club and their ball and they’ll cry if they … Continue reading

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reducing the pool of normal

Has the biomedical myth : the one that has so completely dominated psychiatry and so, by extension, all “mental health” services , either by design or accident,  succeeded in reducing our idea of normal human experience  to the point that … Continue reading

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DSM-5 – Animal Pharm?

As DSM5 goes to press midst lots of criticism, a different perspective… Is DSM5 a spectacularly sinister and stoooopid project designed to put us all in nice little boxes – like the ones for sale at those fetishistic organising emporia … Continue reading

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diagnosis for dummies

The increasing usefulness of DSM with every revision is clearly illustrated here in this ‘ere photo. DSM-III  clearly represented a great leap forward over previous versions… – it can hold open a much bigger, heavier door on a bright, breezy spring day. This … Continue reading

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occupy APA

Psychiatrists the world over await with enough symptoms to draw the attention of a prescription pad- toting colleague to find out which of their favourite diagnoses have made it through the final voting stages to get into the new version of their  Diagnostic “handbook” … Continue reading

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