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Amanda Todd

Amanda would have wanted everyone to know how much she hurt emotionally and how the same thing also hurt thousands of other children and youth each day. Amanda couldn’t stop what was happening to her and it was her dream to make it right for others. She thought it would help to tell her story for others to hear. Continue reading

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What it’s like to hear voices

What it’s like to hear voices
– at least some of what it’s like for me. Continue reading

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when peers mess you up – Dieter Wolke

Dieter Wolke and his team research  bullying in all its forms and its impact on our soul and how we turn out in later life. He’s also working on his stand-up routine and has some good jokes – and, since … Continue reading

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Jonah Mowry:”What’s going on..”

a friend in recovery found this at  moveon.org… Jonah Mowry Remarkable Jonah Mowry shares the pain he feels after years of being bullied for being percieved as different. He doesn’t speak – he holds up hand written notes for us to read- but … Continue reading

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