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Time for a harm reduction approach to psychiatric drugs

Governments and mental health services around the world have a serious drug problem:  the drugs being dished out in the name of health care in greater numbers, for ever wider range of ailments and to more people are, more are … Continue reading

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psych meds and drugs – some straight talk

So much talk about mental health  is really just talk about about drugs. on meds                         v       off meds  meds as magical cure  v     … Continue reading

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Paxil Withdrawal: A Mother Speaks

Laurie York kicks butt Here Laurie she talks to an ISEPP conference  of the experience ,  regretably all too common, that followed after her son fell ill and they sought medical advice: 10 minute exam, prescription for  drugs , seeming improvement followed … Continue reading

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Writer Bruce Stutz tells the story of how he decided he was ready to unmedicate himself, and his  experience of discontinuing pychiatric medications. Stutz didn’t just stop – he researched how the meds he was taking were supposed to work, and  what changes … Continue reading

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