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Grounding Trauma Conference 2018 : Challenging Paradigms. 17th, 18th April 2018

Very pleased to have been invited to co-present with Jennifer Wynne a the CAST Grounding Trauma Conference 2018. Neither trauma nor difficult experiences that called names like “psychosis” are as mysterious or hard to understand as many experts would have … Continue reading

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Living With Voices – T M Lurmann

Here’s a very well written article published in American Scholar magazine, written by TM Lurhmann [thankyou M ] about a “new” way to live with voices. In North America it’s called “new”:. Compared with the “New World”, which to some of … Continue reading

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The Empathic Civilisation – Jeremy Rifkin

Jeremy Rifkin on The Epathic Civilisation Over the lst ten years there have been some important developments in our understanding of our human selves, how we have evolved and continue to do so to connect with each other sense each other’s … Continue reading

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John Forbes Nash – A Brilliant Madness

Image via Wikipedia You may be more familiar with the hollywood movie “A Beautiful Mind” which inevitably romantices some parts of John Nashs story – notably the usefulness of antipsycotics in his recovery. This documentary for  PBS includes Nash’s own words. It tells … Continue reading

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Trialogue: community dialogue on mental health

When I first heard the term “Trialogue”–   I was at the same time puzzled : why would anyone want a dialogue with only three perspectives? and intrigued : sounds interesting, something like  the dialogues that  I was familiar with and witnessed … Continue reading

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