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Connecting… A space to connect, share, and learn with and from each other… This is an online group – on facebook with members from around planet earth. Find it here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/485705918484672/ Group Description 1. This group is for people who are … Continue reading

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Unmasking Masculinity – Ryan McKelley

Ryan Mc Kelley talking about mens health and connectedness and how we can help men be more connected. He starts by talking about how we historically socialise boys and men to mask their emotions. He mentions “the male emotional funnel system”, … Continue reading

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The brain is a social organ – Dan Siegel

Dr Daniel Siegel talking about how he started out as a scientist, trained as a clinician, became a teacher – always excited to learn as much as he could about the mind. … of how as a scientist he came … Continue reading

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trauma and recovery – Judith Herman

  As Judith Herman makes clear for us, the core experiences of psychological trauma are being left feeling powerless and disconnected – from our body, from our sense of self and from others. It follows that work of supporting those … Continue reading

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