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if it’s forced it’s not treatment

How do we force someone to heal? How can we make someone recover? We can’t. Healing can’t be scheduled into a ten minute appointment and healing can’t be forced. Treatment can’t be forced because if it’s forced it’s not  treatment …its … Continue reading

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85 CTOs – the cost in human rights of reducing hospital readmissions by 1

An independent meta study by the Cochrane Collaboration concluded that it takes: 85 people having their rights removed and recieving compulsory psychiatric “treatment” under a CTO to achieve a single reduction in hospital readmissions…. 235 people being placed under compulsory chemical … Continue reading

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The evidence is crystal clear – CTOs don’t work

Article in UK Independent newspaper with the psychiatrist who first championed their use and advised UK Govt on the introduction of Community Treatment Orders.   Prof Tom Burns, head of Social Psychiatry at Oxford University now says that following a … Continue reading

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Compulsory Treatment does not reduce hospital re-admission

Article in leading medical journal,  The Lancet, from a study revealing that Community Treatment Orders have no impact on rate of hospital admissions.  Community treatment orders remove a person’s right to choose whether or not to take medications – and … Continue reading

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