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Psychiatry’s Identity Crisis ?

Op-Ed piece in New York Times by Psychiatrist and Psychopharmacologist Richard A. Friedman on the limitations of his own profession’s claims to being the world’s foremost authority and body of knowledge  but yet limits its own understanding of the struggles … Continue reading

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I wanna be sedated – The Ramones

Twenny-twenny-twenny-four-hours ago-oho!   “I Wanna Be Sedated “Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go I wanna be sedated Nothin’ to do and no where to go-o-oh I wanna be sedated Just get me to the airport put me on a plane Hurry … Continue reading

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Medicating a Prophet

With the kind of fervour that only attaches to false certainty we tell ourselves that which we call “psychosis” is a thing separate from anything else, a thing separate from us, a thing we understand and a thing we know … Continue reading

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The doctor who gave up drugs

What in the west we call “medicine” is not the only medicine:  there are many ways of practising medicine, some of which are more common and have been around for far longer than western “civilisation”.  Indeed if you take a … Continue reading

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Canadian Government has a serious drug problem

Not the one you might have  seen on the late night talk show circuit  but the one that has Canada’s Prisons Services routinely drugging 65% of women inmates and Ontario’s  Long Term Care homes routinely drugging up to 70% of … Continue reading

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Psychiatry: the Drug Pushers – Will Self

Writer Will Self knows a thing or two about drugs – he was once [in]famously sacked for admitting he had snorted heroine on the [UK] Prime Minister’s plane – so he likely  also knows how to spot a drug pusher: … Continue reading

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TopDog Talks Drugs

 A reblog today of  a recent piece by me ol’ mucka  TopDog Ashton, the voice only one person can hear.  TopDog gives us his voice-eye perspective on a question: is pills, drugs, meds a lifestyle choice? and on what it … Continue reading

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psych meds and drugs – some straight talk

So much talk about mental health  is really just talk about about drugs. on meds                         v       off meds  meds as magical cure  v     … Continue reading

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the drugs don’t work

two versions – you choose All this talk of getting old It’s getting me down my love Like a cat in a bag, waiting to drown This time I’m comin’ down And I hope you’re thinking of me As you … Continue reading

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Paxil Withdrawal: A Mother Speaks

Laurie York kicks butt Here Laurie she talks to an ISEPP conference  of the experience ,  regretably all too common, that followed after her son fell ill and they sought medical advice: 10 minute exam, prescription for  drugs , seeming improvement followed … Continue reading

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