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the combo – psychiatric soup

[…continued from Reducing the pool of normal] The Big Book of Woe, soup-in-a-can, psychiatrists as car mechanics and dreaming of white lavender scented  sheets… DSM and inclusion For all the fuss, at least DSM5 is, unlike  its predecessors,  inclusive – since its … Continue reading

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reducing the pool of normal

Has the biomedical myth : the one that has so completely dominated psychiatry and so, by extension, all “mental health” services , either by design or accident,  succeeded in reducing our idea of normal human experience  to the point that … Continue reading

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mind games – Kwame McKenzie

Wonderful article by Kwame McKenzie in Walrus Magazine,  March 2013. In Mind Games, Kwame McKenzie takes us on a brief tour through the history of attempts to regularize and standardize diagnosis in psychiatry, encoded in three major systems of diagnosis – … Continue reading

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DSM5 – mad, bad, or just plain daft ?

Only days to go in the countdown to the publication of the worlds most expensive doorstop DSM5. If you really do need a doorstop try your  local dollar store – mine has two for $1.29 and they work perfectly well. … Continue reading

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A disease called “childhood”

An opinion piece by Dr Allen Frances in New York Post pointing out how difficult it is to diagnose mental illness in teens, and all young people, and how the current practices lead to high levels of overdiagnosis, which in … Continue reading

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DSM-5 – Animal Pharm?

As DSM5 goes to press midst lots of criticism, a different perspective… Is DSM5 a spectacularly sinister and stoooopid project designed to put us all in nice little boxes – like the ones for sale at those fetishistic organising emporia … Continue reading

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is marriage a leading cause of serious “mental illness” ?

Still think people hear voices because they have a broken brain/ serious “mental illness”? Maybe they’re just married and their spouse has died. Try this… From research … Almost half of married people experience some form of seeing, hearing or … Continue reading

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diagnosis for dummies

The increasing usefulness of DSM with every revision is clearly illustrated here in this ‘ere photo. DSM-III  clearly represented a great leap forward over previous versions… – it can hold open a much bigger, heavier door on a bright, breezy spring day. This … Continue reading

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occupy APA

Psychiatrists the world over await with enough symptoms to draw the attention of a prescription pad- toting colleague to find out which of their favourite diagnoses have made it through the final voting stages to get into the new version of their  Diagnostic “handbook” … Continue reading

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Open Letter to DSM 5

Online open letter / petition to the DSM 5 committee from the Society for Humanistic Psychology, Division 32 of the American Psychological Association. Co-signatories include many organisations from around the world. The DSM – Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric Disorders, … Continue reading

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