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NOT COOL: Toronto’s heat-relief network not enough…

Article from Samantha McCabe at Globe & MAil on how City of Toronoo’s latest approach to offereing refuge from heat falls short. Experienced RNs and Street Nurses Roxie Danielson, Cathy Crow, Joyce Rankin speak to how it impacts health and … Continue reading

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we can’t separate

If we want to understand what leads to people becoming ill, and how better to help them heal, then  “we can’t separate the brain from the body and we can’t separate the person from their environment”. Western allopathic medicine is … Continue reading

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The strange powers of placebo effect – TheProfessorFunk

“Placebo effect” is often dismissed as just a fake pill, yet most fancy expensive drug trials often struggle to show that medicines are better than placebo – even when half the unfavourable data is kept out of sight. In North … Continue reading

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When Doctors Discriminate

Juliann Garey writes in NYT Sunday Review of her experience of her experience of being discriminated against by doctors after receiving a diagnosis of serious mental illness. Doctors do this – some recognise it and some use a fancy name for … Continue reading

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why society drives us mad – Richard Bentall

The Professor,  in the Yurt,  with the big TV Richard Bentall dresses up like a bank manager to give a talk in a big tent* with a big TV about how the world we’ve built for ourselves and each other … Continue reading

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the six blind men and the elephant

The blind men and the elephant is an ancient folklore tale from India that has been told many ways and incorporated into teachings of Jain, Hindu, Buddhism, and Sufi traditions. It is a tale of how, when we focus on … Continue reading

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if you knew what I know…

It’s always easier to list tools and rules and pretend that’s all folks need to do a difficult, complex  job, under pressure and midst competing demands and increasing pressure to monitor performance. Tick the box training Its a game: boards, funders , … Continue reading

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parental stress and it’s impact on kids – Gabor Mate

Canadian doctor and author  Gabor Mate on how stress experienced by parents impacts on children’s brain, emotional development and learning and biology – and how that comes to impact in later life on all areas of health and wellness. Short … Continue reading

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Addicted to healthcare

Interesting perspective from Stanton Peele on what might be called the placebo effect of receiving attention from healthcare professionals. As, collectively, we loose faith in our own self to live well we turn to “professionals” to fix us, reassure ourselves … Continue reading

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Sleep: brain rule #7

John Medina’s Brain Rules is one of my favourite books. Except tis not just a book but  a full-on audiovisual multimedia project that’s designed using the “rules” it seeks to share with you. 12 principles for thriving and surviving at work, … Continue reading

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