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Workshop #2 Working With Voices: May 24 & 25th 2018

This two-day workshop follows from Workshop #1 Accepting Voices If you support others with their voices and are looking for ways you can better understand and work with voices and other experiences that get called “psychosis”.  You will also gain … Continue reading

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Dancing With My Inner Critic – Steve Chapman

“This talk isn’t very good.” “Thoughts” “voice”, inner voice” “inner critic” –  whatever you call yours there are at least as many ways of learning to live with it as there are ways of learning to live amongst humans. Many … Continue reading

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We are deep down inside you. Mr Robot

We are deep down inside you. You can’t leave us and we can’t leave you, ever. Continue reading

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Seeing words, hearing voices when we read

reading is a common and life-enriching way we can hear voices that we can’t hear with our ears – by seeing the words on the page. Continue reading

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The Unnamable – Samuel Becket

Awareness of our is inner voice is basic awareness – consciousness 101. Many who call themselves  “scientist” claim to be “expert” yet the truth is that they know very little despite their repeated claims and the billions they spend on fancy high-tech  … Continue reading

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secret life of the manic depressive – Stephen Fry

An excellent two part BBC documentary with Stephen Fry: an exploration of what it means to live with mania and depression – manic depresion as he calls it, or “bipolar disorder” as the [M]admen would have us call it… Fry tells … Continue reading

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My Inner Gollum – Brian Moore

Brian Moore on Desert Island Discs – a long running BBC Radio show – a a frank and personal interview on an imaginary desert island:  the interviewee gets to take six tunes to their island, to play each on the show … Continue reading

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