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Hearing Voices Workshop #1 Accepting Voices – Thu 30th April 2020

This introductory and foundational workshop will open doors of new understanding, in non-diagnostic non-categorising ways, a range of human experiences like difficult-to-hear voices that get called names like “psychosis”. This workshop is designed especially for those who work in health … Continue reading

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Hearing Voices Training – Workshop #2 – Working With Voices – Mar 2016

Opportunity to gain deeper understanding of hearing voices ; powerful insights you can integrate into your worldview, and practical ways of working in the safe spaces you create with people who hear voices.
Join us in enacting a world that understands voice hearing – a world that is easier for us all to live in. Continue reading

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How hearing voices can be a meaningful part of human experience

How hearing voices, long assumed a sign of mental illness, can be a part of the human experience By WENCY LEUNG | The Globe and Mail Published Sunday, Jul. 12, 2015 12:00PM EDT Kevin Healey hears voices and music no one … Continue reading

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Living With My Voices – Kevin Healey

Brief film interview with Kevin Healey, about his a personal journey of learning to live with and interpret the voices only he hears; then learning to using that to offer training for people who work those who might struggle with voices they hear. @The Trauma and Mental Health Report.
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Hearing voices does not mean you’re crazy, says activist

 Aw, shucks!  that particular activist would be me: in a piece published today in Toronto Star. The photo is of me in my favourite  spot at Alternative Grounds. A big thanks to reporter Valerie Hauch and photographer Steve Russell! Hearing … Continue reading

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