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The strange powers of placebo effect – TheProfessorFunk

“Placebo effect” is often dismissed as just a fake pill, yet most fancy expensive drug trials often struggle to show that medicines are better than placebo – even when half the unfavourable data is kept out of sight. In North … Continue reading

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the combo – psychiatric soup

[…continued from Reducing the pool of normal] The Big Book of Woe, soup-in-a-can, psychiatrists as car mechanics and dreaming of white lavender scented  sheets… DSM and inclusion For all the fuss, at least DSM5 is, unlike  its predecessors,  inclusive – since its … Continue reading

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less c, more t

Here’s a simple notion that I think, comes from Dr Daniel Seigel: certainly I’ve heard him speak of “switch out the c“. Now, its likely not going to be easy – you probably won’t just stop meds one day and … Continue reading

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Drug sales reps skip the side effects – D’oh!

An article in Globe and Mail, Wed 10 Apr, reporting the results of a survey of Doctors in three countries including Canada that reveals just how much drug company reps skip out information about side effects when telling your doctor about … Continue reading

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side effects

Medications are chemicals and have effects when we take them . Some of those effects – the  “therapeutic” effects – are the reason your  Doctor may suggest or recommend you  take them. But all medications have other effects too – … Continue reading

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battling bad science – ben goldacre

Ben Goldacre on the tricks and trickery employed by those peddling their “cures” on us – from fake credentials that your cat have for $60; to elaborate and multimillion dollar schemes pharmaceutical companies deply to run trials to get exactly … Continue reading

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