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do you pop a pill when you’re feeling ill?

…if you do then you’re in the minority.
Pill medicine is not the only medicine.
80% of the world’s population depends on other, traditional healing methods. Continue reading

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we can’t separate

If we want to understand what leads to people becoming ill, and how better to help them heal, then  “we can’t separate the brain from the body and we can’t separate the person from their environment”. Western allopathic medicine is … Continue reading

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The strange powers of placebo effect – TheProfessorFunk

“Placebo effect” is often dismissed as just a fake pill, yet most fancy expensive drug trials often struggle to show that medicines are better than placebo – even when half the unfavourable data is kept out of sight. In North … Continue reading

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Dr Joanna Moncreiff, Dr David Healy

Video of a end-of-conference panel conversation  in London 2008. includes Dr David Healy, chaired by Dr Joanna Moncreiff Dr Moncreiff was in Toronto in Nov, Dr David Healey will be here soon… 38mins 011 Andrew Herxheimer Talk & Panel Discussion with … Continue reading

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