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World Psychiatry – time to wake up, wise up and fess up

Barely  two-score years since the American Psychiatric Association, in a brief moment of rare insight into human nature,  came to its senses  and voted to de-classify homosexuality as a mental illness by  removing it from its big book of lies … Continue reading

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why society drives us mad – Richard Bentall

The Professor,  in the Yurt,  with the big TV Richard Bentall dresses up like a bank manager to give a talk in a big tent* with a big TV about how the world we’ve built for ourselves and each other … Continue reading

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reducing the pool of normal

Has the biomedical myth : the one that has so completely dominated psychiatry and so, by extension, all “mental health” services , either by design or accident,  succeeded in reducing our idea of normal human experience  to the point that … Continue reading

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DSM5 – mad, bad, or just plain daft ?

Only days to go in the countdown to the publication of the worlds most expensive doorstop DSM5. If you really do need a doorstop try your  local dollar store – mine has two for $1.29 and they work perfectly well. … Continue reading

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born to learn – adolescence is not a mental disorder

How did we come to see adolescence as a problem? Worse yet, how did we come to accept some dodgy doctor’s treament of adolescence as some kind of diagnosable mental illness? and one that is best dealt with by administering … Continue reading

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let’s talk

Let’s Talk is a campaign fronted most visibly by Olympic Champion Clara Hughes and backed by Bell Canada to create a national conversation about mental  health and to reduce or eliminate the stigma that attaches to mental illness. A poll conducted for … Continue reading

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Dr Joanna Moncrieff – The Myth of The Chemical Cure

From BBC (uk) radio 2 Today Programme, 2009 Dr Joanna Moncrieff interview …. Taking a pill to treat depression is widely believed to work by reversing a chemical imbalance. But in this week’s Scrubbing Up health column, Dr Joanna Moncrieff, of … Continue reading

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