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Workshops: Summer 2023 “Collection”

Eventbrite calls this a “collection”. So here’s our new Summer 2023 Collection. You’ll find descriptions of each here on recoverynet.ca, or you can go to Eventbrite, go straight to Eventbrite using the the link here: https://www.eventbrite.com/cc/summer-2023-2079539

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Building a new response to 911 distress calls in Toronto

“For me, it was very clear that having officers as first responders for a mental health crisis was simply not working, and many times, was escalating a situation” – Asante Haughton “When someone is in crisis, they are already feeling … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman at the UN

    Next instalment – Dainius Pras reveals his superpowers…

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International Mental Health Conference – Toronto, June 2014

June 2014 in Toronto offers you the opportunity to build your own conference experiencefrom these events… This post includes brief descriptions, links to more information and links to registration. Please note each event requires separate registration.   Fri 13th June       |  Psychosis … Continue reading

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diagnose this…..

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Rio – Samba is Mental Health

Get your dancing shoes on. Mental Health services Rio style, as reported in NY Times. NYTimes 3rd Mar, 2014 RIO DE JANEIRO — Standing high atop a truck rigged with speakers, André da Silva Lisboa cried out to hundreds of … Continue reading

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@MentalHealthCop under restraint

Michael Brown is an experienced, senior and intelligent and sensitive police officer. And yes, he’s for real . Having been frustrated at is own experiences  encountering people in the kind difficulties – of the kind that get called “mental illness” … Continue reading

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A “Disturbed Person” is a Distressed Person

Two years ago today Michael Eligon was shot by an officer of Toronto Police Service because, as the officer told an inquest into three shootings in similar circumstances, that he was “in immediate or imminent fear for his life and … Continue reading

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when peers mess you up – Dieter Wolke

Dieter Wolke and his team research  bullying in all its forms and its impact on our soul and how we turn out in later life. He’s also working on his stand-up routine and has some good jokes – and, since … Continue reading

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we can’t separate

If we want to understand what leads to people becoming ill, and how better to help them heal, then  “we can’t separate the brain from the body and we can’t separate the person from their environment”. Western allopathic medicine is … Continue reading

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