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Mind, Mindfulness, Meditation and Bollocks

If you’ve been told “you should nmeditate”- you’ve been fed some right ol’ bollocks. If you’ve been told meditation is about quieting your mind, you’ve been fed a special kind of bollocks. Anyone who tells you that knows knob all. … Continue reading

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Q. What does DECOLONIZEYOURMIND mean to you?

Asante sharing with us some ideas of what DECOLONIZEYOURMIND means to him…     DECOLONIZEYOURMIND is a project by MADx, a conversation in a circle around the question: Q. What does DECOLONIZEYOURMIND mean to you ? Join us to hear, listen … Continue reading

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Ever wondered what it can be like hearing voices without actually hearing voices? I can not and would not dream of attempting to pretend that I know what other people experience, nor would I lay any claims  to know some … Continue reading

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talk to youth lately

minds matter Come check out a great  show and fundraiser . Hope you can make it out. Join folks at Family  Outreach and Response Program in celebrating the hard work of the Talk to Youth Lately project. The young people have designed an anti-stigma … Continue reading

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