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Mind, Mindfulness, Meditation and Bollocks

If you’ve been told “you should nmeditate”- you’ve been fed some right ol’ bollocks. If you’ve been told meditation is about quieting your mind, you’ve been fed a special kind of bollocks. Anyone who tells you that knows knob all. … Continue reading

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less c, more t

Here’s a simple notion that I think, comes from Dr Daniel Seigel: certainly I’ve heard him speak of “switch out the c“. Now, its likely not going to be easy – you probably won’t just stop meds one day and … Continue reading

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Mental Health: The road to diagnosis is filled with twists and turns

If you hear voices you are not alone. I do too. Research shows as many as 10 to 15% of us do:  that’s about a billion people – it’s more common than left-handedness and more common than living in North … Continue reading

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