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Mind, Mindfulness, Meditation and Bollocks

If you’ve been told “you should meditate” then you’ve been fed some right ol’ bollocks. If you’ve been told meditation is about quieting your mind, you’ve been fed a special kind of right ol’ bollocks. Anyone who tells you that … Continue reading

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less c, more t

Here’s a simple notion that I think, comes from Dr Daniel Seigel: certainly I’ve heard him speak of “switch out the c“. Now, its likely not going to be easy – you probably won’t just stop meds one day and … Continue reading

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Mental Health: The road to diagnosis is filled with twists and turns

If you hear voices you are not alone. I do too. Research shows as many as 10 to 15% of us do:  that’s about a billion people – it’s more common than left-handedness and more common than living in North … Continue reading

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