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Brain Power: from neurons to networks

Your brain is constantly changing, adapting to whatever happens around it. Everything you experience makes connections in your brain, reinforcing existing pathways or making new ones. Like a newly trodden path agross a grassy field those new neural pathways  become stronger when … Continue reading

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Holistic Recovery from Schizophrenia – Rossa Forbes

Here’s an excellent article by  Rossa Forbes on MadInAmerica telling of her experience after her son began to struggle and was diagnosed. Rossa tells of her frustrations with the institutionalised limitations of support provided by healthcare system, the kind of well-meaning care that, at best, typically turns people … Continue reading

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Yawn – Andrew Newburg

Article from Pensylvania Gazette 1979   Yawn It’s one of the best things you can do for your brain. By Andrew Newburg | Yawn. Go ahead: Laugh if you want (though you’ll benefit your brain more if you smile), but … Continue reading

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The brain that changes itself – interview

Interview with Allan Greg on TVO with Dr Norman Doidge about the book Gregg: “For a long time we believed thatthe human brain was fixed -hard wired. However scientists now realise that far from being fixwd, the brain has remarkable … Continue reading

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The Brain That Changes Itself – the movies

Many people I meet ask me for a list of books I recommend – anyone who knows me knows that the only thing I recommend is to not recommend anything… Some persist and say “ok can you suggest one book I … Continue reading

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Iian McGilchrist – The Divided Brain

Iian McGilchrist’s RSA talk The Divided Brain – how its not quite the way we used to think but the brain is profoundly divided and how we need to think of not being either left or right brain – but left … Continue reading

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Brain Lock – Jeffrey M. Schwartz

Free Yourself from Obsessive-Compulsive behavior If you are one of the millions who live with obsessive-compulsive behaviours, are labelled with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and find it a pain in the ass? feel compelled to obsess about something or to repeat a similar task … Continue reading

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$30m-Rewiring The Brain

Dr Catherine Zahn President, CEO of CAMH and  Professor, Faculty of Medicine University of Toronto. Interview with Steve Paikin on TVO’s The Agenda. 9 sep 2011 Selected excerpts: [link  to the podcast at the  end] Understanding what leads to mental … Continue reading

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The Brain That Changes Itself

Norman Doidge, MD The human brain, as we are now quickly learning, has a remarkable ability to change itself :  rewire or re-programme itself. Neuroplasticity is the name given to the relatively new understanding that our brain is plastic – meaning … Continue reading

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