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The line between…

    The line between hallucinating and perceiving is not as crisp as we like to think. In a sense when we look at the world, we are hallucinating all the time. One could almost regard perception as choosing the … Continue reading

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How do you share an experience when it does not come through the usual senses, common to others? recoverynetwork: Toronto is honored to be invited to collaborate with international artist Dora Garcia as her exhibition visits Toronto and The Powerplant. … Continue reading

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Everyone is capable of “hallucinating”

Everyone is capable of “hallucinating”. Continue reading

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Seeing things? Hearing things? Many of us do – Oliver Sacks

Short piece by Oliver Sacks from Nov 2012 in the lead up to publication of his book “Hallucinations”. Seeing things, hearing things, thinking things, feeling things that others don’t is what humans do- we all see, hear feel think in … Continue reading

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Seeing Sound, Tasting Color: Synesthesia – David Eagleman

David Eaglemann is a neuroscietist who studies perception – how we percieve the world. Here he is on bigthink on synesthesia -mixing of senses. “a very good inroad into understanding how different brains percieve the world differently”   Published on … Continue reading

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