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Why Mass Murderers May Not Be Very Different From You Or Me

Opinion piece by Richard A Friedman in NYT, 8 Aug 2019. The current [and for some while] habit of dismissing mass murders as acts of “mentally ill monsters” has no basis in anything but unthinkin predjudice and habitual hatred – … Continue reading

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How we can bring about mental health support to refugees – Essam Daod-

Essam Daod shares a story of  one way we can bring brief, important support to refugees at critical times. And also offers us a window of insight into how any of us might support any other of us  midst potentially … Continue reading

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Psychiatry’s Identity Crisis ?

Op-Ed piece in New York Times by Psychiatrist and Psychopharmacologist Richard A. Friedman on the limitations of his own profession’s claims to being the world’s foremost authority and body of knowledge  but yet limits its own understanding of the struggles … Continue reading

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psychiatry – disabled by fear of the voices others hear ?

Does Psychiatry fears the voices it cannot hear? What might they be saying, maybe they are talking about how psychiatry clearly has a case of Norfolk & Clue and clearly has only one coping mechanism – making us as dependent on drugs … Continue reading

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restraint and seclusion: torture, not “treatment”

  We ran a series of posts the last few days on the effects of isolating people , and depriving them of sensory stimulation. We propose that anyone – without exception would be tested by being forcibly kept in a … Continue reading

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Scientific truth does not triumph by convincing opponents – Max Planck

A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it. – Max Planck Continue reading

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Psychiatry: the Drug Pushers – Will Self

Writer Will Self knows a thing or two about drugs – he was once [in]famously sacked for admitting he had snorted heroine on the [UK] Prime Minister’s plane – so he likely  also knows how to spot a drug pusher: … Continue reading

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The Voices in my head – Eleanor Longden

Eleanor Longden’s inspiring talk that she delivered in March at TED 2013. Related articles TED: Eleanor Longden: The voices inside my head – Eleanor Longden (2013) (ted.com) Treating the diagnosis rather than the individual: A look at the increase in … Continue reading

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DSM-5 and The Crisis in Psychiatry – Philip Thomas

We are delighted today to be able to share the text and slides from the talk given by Phil Thomas at  Now We’re all Crazy- What’s Next? on Mon 8th July as part of Mad Pride Toronto 2013. Phil Thomas … Continue reading

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Cuckoo – On being sane in insane places. pt 4

“Around the same time that the Jack Nicholson character in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest was trying to get out of psychiatric hospital, a group of eight people were doing just the opposite.” So begins this excellent radio show … Continue reading

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