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Workshop#1 Accepting Voices in Calgary- Sat 5th May, 2018

Workshop Accepting Voices a unique non-diagnostic and creative way of understanding a range of human experiences that have been mystified and made taboo and yet which are remarkably common and really not that hard to understand.
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Psychosis 2.0 Infosheet

Fresh ideas and different perspectives on what clinicians call “psychosis” – but you don’t have to – and put together by people who’ve been there and wanted to share some of what they learned from their experiences. You don’t have … Continue reading

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Family Education Night – Whitby – Thu 30th Nov

Part of ongoing capacity-building and awareness raising work in Durham Region in partnership with Durham Mental Health Services, CMHA Durham and Ontario Shores. Join Kevin Healey and Dave Umbongo part presentation , part  dialogue and part Q&A in – Whitby, Thursday  … Continue reading

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talking about “psychosis”…

Psychosis is not a “thing” except as a kind of  aperture or a lens through which we view someone struggling. It’s an interpretation, a way of seeing, of categorizing, naming, and talking about a person’s struggle. That that lens, that … Continue reading

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New! Workshop for Clinicians – Hearing Voices Part 1 : Learning to listen to “auditory hallucinations”

Very pleased to announce this new workshop specifically designed for experienced clinicians, Approved by Ontario Psychological Association and offered through Oshawa Psychotherapy Training Institute. Facilitators:  Kevin Healey                             … Continue reading

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What is “psychosis”?

Look it up and you’ll find all kinds of nonsense  up/downloaded as answer to that question, most commonly: “Loss of contact with reality.” What does that even mean? For sure, whoever says that to you most assuredly has.   Truth … Continue reading

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Medicating a Prophet

With the kind of fervour that only attaches to false certainty we tell ourselves that which we call “psychosis” is a thing separate from anything else, a thing separate from us, a thing we understand and a thing we know … Continue reading

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psychotic experiences, everybody has them, and so do you!

Psychotic experiences, everybody has them and so do you!
Jim van Os Continue reading

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Psychosis is in the eye of the beholder

What is “psychosis” ? we pretend it’s a fixed thing with clear boundaries, yet it is not. We pretend it’s a thing that some of us have and some of us don’t have and never never will. We do a lot … Continue reading

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Sleep deprivation induces psychosis in healthy humans

More research telling us what we already know – lack of sleep can lead to your world starting to look and feel very strange, and people treating you as less than human-  it is after all the the basis if … Continue reading

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