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Because we fear we don’t listen…

“Because we fear them we don’t listen, and because we don’t listen we tend to hurt them. What we’re treating is our own desire to feel safe.”
Robert Whitaker Continue reading

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Is The Chemical Imbalance theory a myth?

This is the question question posed in a  Toronto Star article by Joseph Hall. The answer is of course, a resounding  “D’oh!”…. or, if  you need a  translation: “yes, of course”. The real question would be: is psychiatry beginning to … Continue reading

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The remarkable rise of mental illness in Britain

Personal opinion Piece in [UK] Telegraph by Neil O’Brien whose day job is as  Director of Policy Exchange [an independent think tank working for better public services, a stronger society and a more dynamic economy.] He sketches out how the epidemic of … Continue reading

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The Medicated Child

If you found yesterdays’ post difficult to watch then gird yourself for this one. From 2008, PBS Frontline documentary The Medicated Child.

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Psychiatric Drugs: Chemical Warfare on Humans – interview with Robert Whitaker

This morning I chanced across this: interview with Robert Whitaker from 2005 by Terry Messman of StreetSpirit.org. It predates Whitaker’s book: Anatomy of an Epidemic and covers wider  scope so it’s interesting to see a glimpse of how he was thinking at … Continue reading

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the inexplicable is not a synonym for insane

Excellent opinion piece by Globe and Mail’s   André Picard on the unfolding case of Anders Breivik and how it cuts open the chest cavity of our society to reveal deep assumptions about violence, evil, inexplicable acts of violence and mental illness. And … Continue reading

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Troubling Treatment

Drag our Leaf Icon above to your taskbar to bookmark TGAM in Internet Explorer 9. Show me how Please don’t show me this again Remind me later On how, with a lack of psychological services for youth to refer to Doctors … Continue reading

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Joanna Moncrieff – Changing the balance of psychosis treatment

Joanna Moncrieff and the Critical Psychiatry Network offer us a different way of thinking about how psychiatric medications work; and ways to use them  that assist healing but reduce the adverse effects – and especially the devastating effects that result from long … Continue reading

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Robert Whitaker – Anatomy of An Epidemic – videos

The Book Robert Whitaker is a great writer – the book reads like a gripping detective novel – and a thorough researcher. This book is likely one of the most impressive and important pieces of journalistic research and reporting of our time. … Continue reading

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The Epidemic of Mental Illness: Why? Part 2

The Illusions of Psychiatry Article by  Marcia Angell in New York Review of Books Second part of an article on three books examining modern psychiaty’s reliance on unproven science, unscientific diagnoses and unproven medications to  treat the  increasingly large portion of  the human condition that it … Continue reading

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