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Compassion for Voices

Hearing Voices is a common human experience.
It can often be linked to something difficult or painful that’s happened in the past -or happening right now.

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Understanding our Sensitivity – a workshop

A Workshop with Rufus May and Elisabeth Svanholmer
Toronto, Tue 17 June 2014
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escaping the asylum mentality – Rufus May

In an article in Occupied Times Rufus May announces his plans to leave the NHS [National Health Service] in  UK where he attempted, for  eighteen years working as a clinical psychologist to bring change to services from the inside – … Continue reading

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Psychosis 2.0 – Toronto, Friday 13th June 2014

Mark Your Calendars Announcing… Friday 13th June 2014 Toronto Hart House, U of T Psychosis 2.0 shares evolving perspectives on recovery from extreme mental states and follows on from the ground breaking Nov 2011 conference: Challenging our Understanding of Psychosis … Continue reading

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World Hearing Voices Day – Toronto Friday 13th Sep 2013 – update !!!

If you missed out last year here’s your chance to meet them. Since last year’s event  TopDog started a blog- the world’s first by a voice, Flo took up walking and photography and Rufus wrote something on his forehead for a … Continue reading

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Mad Pride – The Great Escape 2005 – Bradford to Manchester

The  Great Escape Bedpush 2005: Bradford to Manchester  Mad Pride is international – here’s an event a few years ago in England, trekking  40miles across the Pennines: from Bradford to Madchester and featuring, amonst others: a giant syringe, a porter’s trolley, Rufus … Continue reading

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From psychiatric patient to human being: My journey in a nutshell.

A wonderfully open and frank piece by Flo Bellamy about her struggles and her encounter with psychiatric services that could only medicate her: so making her even more ill. Then how she and her family discovered the movie “The Doctor Who hears Voices” … Continue reading

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The Doctor Who Hears Voices – Rufus May [subtitulado]

Full version of this remarkable movie now on YouTube – with subtitles in Spanish. Related articles Rufus May (madinamerica.com) the life scientific – Robin Murray (recoverynetwork:Toronto) Brain Gym – Rufus May  (recoverynetwork:Toronto) The Doctor Who Hears Voices – Rufus May … Continue reading

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The Life Scientific: Robin Murray

Psychiatrist Robin Murray tells why he has changed his mind about the cause of schizophrenia. The Life Scientific is a 1/2 hour show on BBC Radio four that aims at getting inside the minds of scientists. This episode seeks to get inside … Continue reading

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Rufus May – brain gym

Another of the presenters at the November conference in Toronto. Rufus May takes us through a series of simple exercises we can use to strengthen mind body connection, give ourselves some care and to help ourselves feel more relaxed – and more … Continue reading

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