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“Schizophrenia” does not exist

Jim Van Os and his big list of schitzo stereoptypes “Schizophrenia” does not exist. That some people struggle and suffer and become isolated by that is not in doubt, especially here. That they suffer because they have a “thing” and … Continue reading

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“schizophrenia” – an idea, not a thing

“Schizophrenia is a number of symptoms that have been put together to say that ‘this is an illness’.
And that’s an idea, not a thing.”
Dr Kwame McKenzie Continue reading

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Judge rules sufficient evidence that appellant’s “schizophrenia” caused by trauma

Important landmark ruling by a court in Aotearoa / NZ, dated 22nd Nov, 2013 and upholding an appeal against a lower court ruling in a claim for compensation. LS v Accident Compensation Corporation [2013] NZACC 385 (22 November 2013) Judge … Continue reading

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Sometimes… Jonny Benjamin

Sometimes I eat cereal for breakfast Sometimes I eat toast for breakfast sometimes I eat breakfast on the go Sometimes I get intrusive thoughts… I won’t act on them and you probably don’t even notice. Sometimes I like nothing more … Continue reading

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Huffington Post Hears Voices – All Weekend

It’s Hearimg Voices Weekend at Huffington Post. Well, not quite but close enough. The whole weekend Huffpuff is featuring Eleanor Longden’s mind opening TED talk. There’s an op-ed by Eleanor – repeated below – and pieces by regular  Huffbloggers.  go … Continue reading

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Risk of death in road traffic accident 1,100 times greater than homicide by a stranger with psychosis

  It’s a truism that the media likes to make a splash of stories of people involving people with mental illness committing violent crimes: trumpeting how “these people” represent  a grave danger to society and fuelling often hysterical calls for … Continue reading

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Mars Project on InnerSPACE

Filmmaker Jonathan Balazs and rapper Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart on Space Channel’s InnerSPACE talking about their film documenting Khari’s experience hearing voices. The voiceover commentary describes how Khari “embarked on a journey for understanding through Canada’s mental health system” – where he … Continue reading

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Recovery From Schizophrenia – An International Perspective

“In the late 1960s, the World Health Organization initiated a series of international studies of the incidence, characteristics, course, and consequences of schizophrenia.     Those studies – the largest ever in the history of psychiatry – provided important data … Continue reading

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is marriage a leading cause of serious “mental illness” ?

Still think people hear voices because they have a broken brain/ serious “mental illness”? Maybe they’re just married and their spouse has died. Try this… From research … Almost half of married people experience some form of seeing, hearing or … Continue reading

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Bingo! – Differential Diagnosis of Psychotic Symptoms

If you’ve ever watched an episode of House, then you’ve seen how a differential diagnosis works. Patient turns up with mystery illness and doctors play guess my diagnosis – guessing wrong many times and much strutting is strutted before the … Continue reading

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