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Mental illness: Medication alone isn’t the answer

A sometimes hard to read article in Toronto Star telling the story of Kit Skelly and the impact on him and the whole family of what all too often happens when people look to the healthcare system for help. A life … Continue reading

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chemical imbalance my ass…

What started as an honest hypothesis is, and has for some time been known to be mere hypothesis,  entirely false. Indeed,  drug companies are  careful in their literature  to claim it as no more than  a “belief”: take a moment … Continue reading

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Anti-depressants doing more harm than good: Study

Article in NY Daily News about a report (another one) from a study at a Canadian University – McMasters – that says that not only do SSRIs – or as the marketers like us to call them “atypical antidepressants” [lest we  confuse … Continue reading

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Antidepressants exposed

Dr David Healy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sstoa406Oa0 Related articles More from David Healy (seroxatsecrets.wordpress.com) Publication Bias in Antidepressants for Autism Literature (madinamerica.com)

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Paxil Withdrawal: A Mother Speaks

Laurie York kicks butt Here Laurie she talks to an ISEPP conference  of the experience ,  regretably all too common, that followed after her son fell ill and they sought medical advice: 10 minute exam, prescription for  drugs , seeming improvement followed … Continue reading

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We recently linked with paxilprogress.org a peer to peer message board community for people to share their personal experiences with taking antidepressants, and allows others to ask questions, and to learn from each other, and make their own, more informed decisions.  And just … Continue reading

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