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knowledge and power and lifecrap – Michel Foucault

Michel Foucault rocked the world with his ideas and his efforts to reveal and question the relationships between claims to knowledge, claims to power and authority over others. No claim to authority, no matter how banal, comes without a corresponding … Continue reading

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The Importance of Friends

Article in Psychiatric Times by Karen Dineen Wagner about the importance of friends…. Includes commentary and description of two “scientific studies” that show that having friends is a good thing. Researchers concluded … “the presence of a  best friend… buffered … Continue reading

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100 ways to support recovery

This is the 100th posting on recoverynetwork:toronto. so it seems an appropriate time to share this…. one hundred ways to support recovery … find link to pdf at bottom of this post rethink.org is the biggest membership-based mental health charity in … Continue reading

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