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Trauma is not the thing that happened…

Trauma is not the thing that happened but, in fact, the effect left within us by our experiences
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Jonah Mowry:”What’s going on..”

a friend in recovery found this at  moveon.org… Jonah Mowry Remarkable Jonah Mowry shares the pain he feels after years of being bullied for being percieved as different. He doesn’t speak – he holds up hand written notes for us to read- but … Continue reading

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David Webb – Talking about Suicidal Feelings

Changing the way we think about the urge to die David Webb is opening up a different conversation worldwide about suicide and what it means to individuals, and our understanding of ourselves that sometimes some of us have the urge to … Continue reading

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The Walls Are Alive…

The Walls Are Alive With The Sound Of Mad People The Friendly Spike Theatre Band is happy to announce up and coming community theatre activity for 2011. Our project is of special significance to those who are interested in Mad … Continue reading

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