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The dream we haven’t dared to dream – Dan Pallotta

Dan Pallotta makes a plea for us to give  as much attention and investment to developing our our humanity as we do our technology. Dan Pallotta:   “When I think about dreams, like many of you, I think about this … Continue reading

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Huffington Post Hears Voices – All Weekend

It’s Hearimg Voices Weekend at Huffington Post. Well, not quite but close enough. The whole weekend Huffpuff is featuring Eleanor Longden’s mind opening TED talk. There’s an op-ed by Eleanor – repeated below – and pieces by regular  Huffbloggers.  go … Continue reading

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The Voices in my head – Eleanor Longden

Eleanor Longden’s inspiring talk that she delivered in March at TED 2013. Related articles TED: Eleanor Longden: The voices inside my head – Eleanor Longden (2013) (ted.com) Treating the diagnosis rather than the individual: A look at the increase in … Continue reading

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Living with voices in your head: Eleanor Longden, TED2013

Eleanor Longden knocked one clear out of the park at TED 2013 in Longbeach, California  Thursday Feb 28. Eleanor is a voice hearer and award winning psychologist and researcher into voice hearing, trauma and dissociation. She presented a short version … Continue reading

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battling bad science – ben goldacre

Ben Goldacre on the tricks and trickery employed by those peddling their “cures” on us – from fake credentials that your cat have for $60; to elaborate and multimillion dollar schemes pharmaceutical companies deply to run trials to get exactly … Continue reading

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What doctors don’t know about the drugs they prescribe: Ben Goldacre

You saw an extract from his book the other day, here he is at TED, Ben Goldacre on how the system that is the very basis of “evidence medicine” is a load of bollocks [my paraphrasing] concealling a systemmatic flaw … Continue reading

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dreams from endangered cultures – Wade Davis

Great  talk from  TED 2003 by explorer Wade Davis talking about some of the many human cultures that are fast disappearing – and with them their infinite variety of ways of being and knowing and wisdom… “one of the intense pleasures of being … Continue reading

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Brene Brown – Listening To Shame

Follow up to Brene Brown’s TEDxHuston talk The Power of Vulnerability in 2010       Brene Brown – The power of vulnerability https://recoverynetworktoronto.wordpress.com/2011/11/17/brene-brown-the-power-of-vulnerability/   Related articles Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change: Brené Brown at TED2012 … Continue reading

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