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Canadian judge rules in favor of forcibly adopted First Nations survivors

Government is responsible for trauma of 16,000 indigenous children removed from families between 1965 and 1984, judge said. Continue reading

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Understanding Trauma – Peter Levine and his Slinky

Peter Levine’s work unlocks our understanding of how trauma works within us – and how we can heal ourselves and find ways to support others in their healing, In this short [6min] clip he uses a slinky to demonstrate how … Continue reading

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Disempowered and disconnected

The core experience of trauma is feeling disconnected and disempowered.
Ironic then, that so often our approach to mental health and the systems we build leave people feeling disconnected and disempowered. Continue reading

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Thorns in the spirit…

Trauma means Wound The word “trauma” means “wound”. Trauma is not the thing that happened but the effect left within us by our experiences of what happened.  It can, though leave us experiencing life as if the thing that did … Continue reading

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Trauma is not the thing that happened…

Trauma is not the thing that happened but, in fact, the effect left within us by our experiences
Continue reading

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Trauma means Wound

Trauma means “wound”.
That’s it, no shit. Continue reading

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A long, complex and stubborn history with trauma

Bessel van der Kolk  at bigthink.org offers  a potted history of psychiatry and society’s difficult relationship with trauma. Psychiatry started as study of what were then deemed bizarre behaviours, but discovered they were understandable when considered in context with extraordinary … Continue reading

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The most difficult and traumatic memories…

The most difficult and traumatic memories re stored in non-verbal, bodily memory.
Bessell Van Der Kolk Continue reading

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Removing psychiatric patients’ cigarettes deepens their trauma.

Spot-on opinion piece by Rosie DiManno on the power-addicted bureaucrats in charge of The Purple Empire – the totalitarian mini-state that is CAMH – who’ve instituted a new inquisition to take away the one thing that many patients finds actually … Continue reading

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KebabTraume – DAF

Kebab-dreams in the walled city Continue reading

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