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Can CBT help you not get eaten by lions today?

CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – has, by now, been through the full cycle of having been the latest fad in “mental health” services.  It starts with being trialled, then touted as the latest cure-all, then operationalized and stripped-down, manualized, … Continue reading

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restraint and seclusion: torture, not “treatment”

  We ran a series of posts the last few days on the effects of isolating people , and depriving them of sensory stimulation. We propose that anyone – without exception would be tested by being forcibly kept in a … Continue reading

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if it’s forced it’s not treatment

How do we force someone to heal? How can we make someone recover? We can’t. Healing can’t be scheduled into a ten minute appointment and healing can’t be forced. Treatment can’t be forced because if it’s forced it’s not  treatment …its … Continue reading

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