100 ways to support recovery

This is the 100th posting on recoverynetwork:toronto.

so it seems an appropriate time to share this….

one hundred ways to support recovery

… find link to pdf at bottom of this post

rethink.org is the biggest membership-based mental health charity in UK.

The name reflects what they did – shifting their own orientation and approach from one of maintaining people in their sickness to helping people recover and changing health systems so that people can expect to recover.

You can do that too.

rethink.org  published this guide to share ideas with the world how each of us can take simple actions  to help build a world in which recovery happens more often.

For workers. if you are a mental health worker, or maybe a volunteer wanting to develop your strengths you might find some ideas how you can better support others in their recovery.

If you live with mental health difficulties and have a worker who could use some ideas, try  showing this to them – it may give them some ideas for  changes they can make in how they do things.

For everybody – this is not an inventory or checklist or a gert list of shoulds – ticking all the boxes, striking more committees, kidding ourselves we are “recovery oriented”  is not recovery and supports nothing that is  useful or healing. That is actually a very reliable to make yourself and everyone else pretty sad, sorry and sick.

Likely we can all find at least one out of the one hundred ideas here that we can choose, we can work on, do a little better, and focus on that…. and when we get good at that we can choose another…

Recovery is a choice I get to make  10,000 times each day.

Supporting recovery  is a choice too – yours.

100 ways to support recovery

pdf…… 100_ways_to_support_recovery


here’s to the next hundred…

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We believe people can and do recover from "mental illness" - because we are living it. We believe in the power of supporting each other: learning from and with each other. You are welcome to join us..
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2 Responses to 100 ways to support recovery

  1. Great report that people in mental health should read.
    2 beliefs for recovery, – something worked toward and experienced, is individual

    I loved the person-centered questions – so important!!


  2. Anne says:

    Great post Kevin! I can’t believe its already 100 posts…
    As usual you bring something to add to my day, my toolbox and my greater understanding.
    Thank you for being hungry for knowledge and alternatives, and finding a way to share!


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