Dr David Healy – bad medicine

TVO The Agenda

Steve Paikin Interview with Dr David Healy

12: 45min

in  the final minute …

“Anti- depressants are an enormously useful class of drugs ….. “

“the problem is these medicines come with risks – when you have a severe mood disorder it can cost you your life, your job , your marriage. But the pills, if I give you one of these pills and you don’t have a severe mood disorder – if you have the kind of mood disorder that you’re going to get well from in the course of  few weeks then the pills may cost you your life, your job, your marriage.” 

Paikin……So if you were to guess what percentge are unnecessary? “

Dr David Healy    …”well over fifty percent “

…the camera doesn’t show it but I think Paikin falls off his chair.


This interview was aired the same evening as….

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  1. At least some people are finally listening to Dr.Healy.


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