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Medications are chemicals and have effects when we take them . Some of those effects – the  “therapeutic” effects – are the reason your  Doctor may suggest or recommend you  take them.

But all medications have other effects too – some can be unpleasant, and might be worth living with – that’s your choice . Some effects of medications are harmful and some can kill – you or others – and you might not get to find out about that till its too late.

A new hollywood movie by Steven Soderberg opens in Feb features the side effects of a fictional anti-anxiety medication in its plot.

It may offer you opportunity to ask yourself if you know enough about the medications you are taking and the politics behind what information is made available to you so that you can know and make informed choice about what you put in your body.

And maybe, if you choose,  you may take the opportunity to ask yourself if as a society we know enough about psychiatric medications to ask,  expect or demand others to take medications in order to ease our own individual and collective anxiety.

And don’t suppose you doctor knows everything: Doctors are often as much in the dark as we are; and sometimes your Doc might choose not to tell you everything that they do know.

No wonder some folks thought it might make for a good movie…..

side effects – movie

Emily Hawkins, a young woman who deals with the anxiety over her husband’s release from prison by taking medication prescribed by her therapist; of course, there ends up being horrible complications with the drugs (or are there?) that result in someone turning up dead. Thereafter, an investigation into the tragedy turns up dirt on the unscrupulous relationship between Emily and her doctor, as well as the ‘revolutionary’ Ablixa medication she was treated with.

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