Everyone is capable of “hallucinating”

everyone is capable of halluvinatingA very accessible short film by SciShow offering a brief description of the variety of experiences that might get called “hallucination”.

It starts with understanding perception – how we all experience the world differently, and as a result we all hold within us our own unique model of what some call  “reality”.

Sometimes, in some situations that can go a bit wonky- which can perhaps be worrying but can also offer insights we’d otherwise be without.

Explanations vary of how people “hallucinate”- meaning how we can see things, smell things, see things feel things that others don’t.
But, then how do we really know because we make this stuff difficiult to talk about, eh?

Everyone can [and does] “hallucinate”.

Rather than regard every “hallucination” as a fault of brain or biology, or as some character flaw,  maybe we’d be better off recognizing that we all can -and likely do – experience what some call “hallucination”.

Instead of asking  “why do some people hallucinate”; it would be more useful to ask:
“Why do some people not recognize that they do too?”


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2 Responses to Everyone is capable of “hallucinating”

  1. Loreen Lee says:

    Read an article a few days ago about the self-imposed hallucinations of Carl Jung, adopted as a method to learn about mental processes generally. Thought experiments, perhaps?

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    • Hi Loreen.
      I learned a lot from Jung about holding myself open to experiences that others were telling me I should be afraid of and needed to snuff out.

      Now I get all kinds of cool stuff for free that others pay a lot of money for.

      we can learn to live with even eth most difficult experiences.

      bring it on..!


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