Hearing Voices Training – Workshop #1 – Accepting Voices – Fri 26.Feb.2016

Innovative and unique training for those who work with people who hear voices. Designed by people who hear voices and people who work with people who hear voices, learning from both experiences.HV Training-#1 Accepting Voices- 26Feb2016

If in your work you encounter people who hear voices – and who might be struggling with the experience – then this workshop is designed for you. More than 200 workers from from more than 20 agencies across Ontario have now attended our foundational workshop for those who, in their work, encounter people who hear voices, see visions or have other experiences that can be difficult.

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HV Training-#1 Accepting Voices- 26Feb2016

Learn how you can…

  • find common ground between your own experiences and the kind of extreme states that others may experience.
  • offer  a one-person safe-space for people to talk about their difficult experiences.
  • emancipate yourself: even in a system that puts pressure on you to be otherwise you can be a human being first- even at work.


Fee: $150

Spaces are limited.
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Workshop Description

This workshop  is designed to leave you feeling more competent and more confident to work one-to-one with people who hear voices and struggle with their experiences, and will also enable you to connect with a community of folks who are doing similar.

What you can expect

This workshop will enable you to…

  • Understand hearing voices [and other experiences] as a normal human experience, maybe not one shared by everyone, but part of the variation and diversity of what it means to be human.
  • See through and beyond diagnostic frameworks and resist the urge to catalogue and categorize everything as “symptom”.
  • Begin to accept even the most difficult of human experiences as something that can be understood, explored and even valued.
  • Look within your own experience and relate with different experiences like hearing voices, visions, unshared beliefs.
  • Explore how you can be at ease in your role and be more real with people who have difficult experiences .

Who this workshop is designed for…

If, in your work, you come into contact with people who hear voices and who struggle; and you have experienced how that can leave you feeling uncomfortable or worse, then we think you’ll find this one day workshop useful. So, if you’re a doctor, nurse, social worker, community worker, housing worker, peer support worker, psychologist, therapist, police officer, etc. then it may be for you.

Workshop design…

This is an intensive workshop covering a lot of ground , together we will :

  • Gain insights from people who hear voices, and from others who work with people who hear voices.
  • Learn how we can think differently about voices.
  • Explore how, as workers, we can accept ourselves and each other, relax and enjoy our work: the better to offer support for people who hear voices.
  • Interact – with deep personal reflection,  shared sense-making and dialogue.
  • We will also share some simple, practical approaches that you can use in your practice on return to work.
  • Connect with resources and both local network and the global hearing voices community.

This workshop is designed to leave you feeling more competent and confident in your own ability to work one-to-one with people who hear voices. You will not become an expert in one day but you’ll have a good basis for starting and feeling more comfortable as you do.Participants in this workshop will be also invited to join our ongoing learning community. The workshop is designed and led by Kevin Healey and Marc Roininen.


Hearing Voices Worker Training #Accepting Voices 27Mar2015Please feel free to help us let people know about this by print, post, distribute, …or why not hand to your worker colleague o boss, and ask… “when are you going to do this training?”




Ready for more?

Already attended our Accepting Voices Workshop?
Ready for the next step?

This workshop is part of a series:

  • Workshop#1    Accepting Voices

Introductory, or foundational, module designed to help you to understand a range of experiences including angry and critical voices, strange visions, to connect on a human level and have confidence in your own ability to work with people who hear voices.Workshop#1 is a basic introduction and also the foundation for continuing with Workshops #2 and #3.

  • Workshop#2    Working With Voices  

Solid introduction to voice profiling, Maastricht Interview, voice mapping and voice dialogue – key  approaches and tools for working one to one with a person who hears voices. Includes opportunity to practice.

A two-day, intensive, small group workshop offering an intro to key approaches and with time to begin practicing.

Workshop#3    Facilitating a Hearing Voices Group

Starting, sustaining and facilitating a hearing voices group. Four days,
Ideally suited to small groups of people [eg from single agency] who will be working together to create and sustain a group in their community, includes:

Is your organization or agency ready to host a Voices-Safe Space?

What a hearing voices group is, isn’t, and can be.

The HV groups charter, different types of groups, who decides?

Starting is easy, what about Sustaining?

HV Group facilitator role, skills, toolkit and opportunity to practice.

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We believe people can and do recover from "mental illness" - because we are living it. We believe in the power of supporting each other: learning from and with each other. You are welcome to join us..
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