Bubblewrapped and drugged ?

Its a tough gig being a kid – hard enough learning to how  live in this bizarre and confusing world without parents that are so anxious they find it difficult to give you space to experiment, learn, fall down and fail now and again.

Walk past a school at recess – that’s if they get recess, many don’t – and notice also how it used to be called “play time” at least when I was at school – and you’ll hear kids determined to have fun.
Yet,  over that, you’ll hear the voice of the theme park kids inhabit:”Adultworld”.
That Orwellian BigBrother tinny tannoy voice of adult doom and gloom broadcast from the rooftops and that emanates from the incubation chamber of fear conditioning: “The Office” where fun is monitored and snuffed out as soon as it begins, via CCTV.

That metallic, robotic,  booming dis-embodied, dehumanised voice “do not pick up things up”,  DO NOT this, Do NOT that ,  DO NOT…,  DO NOT…. DO NOT….

What kind of Skinner-Pavlovian world of fear programming we have created in which we expect kids to grow up in – all in order assuage our anxieties, Yet this is only the prelude – soon we go on to diagnose them with all kinds of made-up- maladies that provide rationalisation-enough for drugging more and more of them – and  all so that we can feel like the perfect parents we’re pressured to be.

No wonder they look at us like we’re a few sandwiches short of a picnic. 

Well these kids at least are  tired of being wrapped in bubblewrap – so they wrapped themselves in bubblewrap to make a point – to show all parents how bloody daft that is.

As one says if we don’t get chance to fall down,  and pick ourselves up now and then,  then we don’t get chance to learn.

– and then they might end up just as scared as their parents.

“If you’re not allowed to do something, you don’t learn, if you fall, how to get back up. There’s a lot of things you can learn by having the experience yourself.”

From Toronto Star, Mon 22 Feb 2016.

Kids ask adults to back off, give them freedom to fall down, make mistakes

Overprotection hinders learning, fitness and mental health, middle school students warn in their video

Kids ask adults to back off, give them freedom to fall down, make mistakes

Remove the Bubblewrap

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