Work of “The Devil”

fuck teh devil

I have no idea what people mean when they talk of “The Devil”.

I try to interpret talking of devil, demons is some way of expressing feelings of powerlessness, or else is used deliberately by those seeking to assert their power over others who oppose us or block us and, for instance, to justify a war.

I’ve never found good-vs-evil to be a useful way of interpreting the world: I’m with Lemmy on this,  but then he and I were born about a mile apart so maybe we’re both the work of the devil.

I do find this documentary fascinating, insightful and useful – how man invented – and continues to re-invent the devil, and use him as an instrument of his own evil doings..

The History of The Devil


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2 Responses to Work of “The Devil”

  1. Loreen Lee says:

    Thanks for this Kevin. It summarized much of what I have learned. Perhaps in today’s world however, both sides (or dare I say all sides) in the recent ‘wars’, could be thought of as working both with and against the devil. In opposite camps, however, of course! But perhaps this irony is inappropriate at this time, and I too have to beware of siding with the satanic.


    • Yup,
      Seems to me both sides make eth same claim – that they themselves are doing God’s work and those they fight the devil’s work…

      “war about religion is about who has the best imaginary friend”


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