Toronto cafe hosts monthly meeting on hearing voices

Toronto Hearing Voices Cafe featured in Toronto Star today.

A big thank you to two very cool people reporter Verity Stevenson and photographer Marcus Oleniuk. And a big thank you to artist Dora Garcia for the inspiration, and of course to Sue and David, owners at Coffee and All That Jazz for creating the kind of space in which we can all be a little more human.

One day every cafe’s the world over will be a safe place to talk about hearing voices – or whatever it is that you experience – not in the imposed language others would have us use but in words that come from our own experience of what it means to live a life as a human being…

Toronto cafe hosts monthly meeting on hearing voices

Monthly meeting helps those who hear voices talk about their experiences.



Kevin Healey at a monthly event at Coffee and All That Jazz in Roncesvalles where people who hear voices and those who work with/for them to talk about it openly, without fear of stigma and in a non-institutional environment.

More about Hearing Voices Cafe



About recoverynetwork:Toronto

We believe people can and do recover from "mental illness" - because we are living it. We believe in the power of supporting each other: learning from and with each other. You are welcome to join us..
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5 Responses to Toronto cafe hosts monthly meeting on hearing voices

  1. Loreen Lee says:

    Good morning Just came across this article on the Google Alerts: (I don’t think it contradicts the other comment I made, by the way).


  2. Loreen Lee says:

    Look at some of the perspectives that are being offered by Post-Modernism. There is for instance the philosophical book: Schizophrenia and Capitalism: Anti-Oedipus. This book, although most difficult to read, I have with the help of commentary come to understand that there is possibly what I shall call a ‘redemptive’ aspect in hearing voices, that they suggest could/can be seen as a way to overcome ‘capitalism’ and other controls by ‘external -Oedipus- psychological? ‘forces’, or suppositions, – whatever. We could perhaps consider that the voices allow us access to unconscious thought, that are not part of the consciousness of a lot of people, who ‘take the dialogue within their heads’ just ‘for granted’ and indeed may pay no attention at all to such aspects of a reflective or even self-referential consciousness. As Kevin has said, we can learn from our voices. We can work out the puzzles, the contradictions, and come to understand our ‘inner experiences’ in ways that are possible not considered by others, because they have not had the incentive to do so. We could perhaps even regard such ‘insanity?’ as a ‘divine madness’, a gift, a possibility for developing high consciousness.


  3. Daniel Farb says:

    Keep up the great work, Kevin. Your courage and willingness to talk about and normalize this aspect of the range of possible human experiences is truly a service to humanity.


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