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hierarchy as destructive force within the human psyche

Maybe baboon society and human society ain’t that different – both have a similar hierarchy that operates by dominance by aggressive few at the top who get to dump their stress onto those below. “Every male knows where he stands … Continue reading

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mind games – Kwame McKenzie

Wonderful article by Kwame McKenzie in Walrus Magazine,  March 2013. In Mind Games, Kwame McKenzie takes us on a brief tour through the history of attempts to regularize and standardize diagnosis in psychiatry, encoded in three major systems of diagnosis – … Continue reading

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A New Focus on the ‘Post’ in Post-Traumatic Stress

A thoughtful piece from in NY Times International Weekly, yesterday and  first published Dec 24 2012 – David Dobbs suggesting we put the focus on post rather than the trauma in our conception of PTSD.  Mention trauma in mental health … Continue reading

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‘Catastrophic failings’ in schizophrenia care

Important day today: sees the publication of the report by UK Schizophrenia commission The Abandoned Illness “What we found was a broken and demoralised system that does not deliver the quality of treatment that is needed for people to recover. … Continue reading

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The Fear – Ben Howard

“The Fear” Mama, cold hearted child, tell me how you feel Just a blade in the grass, spoke unto the wheel Mama, cold hearted child, tell me where it’s all gone All the luster of your bones, those arms that … Continue reading

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Vitamin B deficiency linked to troubled teens

Report from Western Australia on research showing link between insufficient vitamin B in diet and what researchers call “externalisation of problems “, which appears as agitation and aggression, “acting out” and results in them being called delinquent; and “internalisation of problems” … Continue reading

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Study links spanking to later mental disorders

Study links spanking to later mental disorders TAMARA BALUJA The Globe and Mail PublishedMonday, Jul. 02 2012, 12:01 AM EDT Using harsh physical punishment to discipline children – including smacking, spanking and shoving – has a strong association with increased … Continue reading

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Stress – portrait of a killer

   Excellent PBS documentary on stress and how it operates the same way in individuals in two coparable communities- one wild babboons and te other  Whitehall Civil Servants … In each… those at the bottom of the hierarchy experience the greater levels of … Continue reading

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Dr Gabor Mate- the Hidden Costs of Stress on Health

Interview on TVO – Alan Gregg talks with Dr Gabor Maté talking about his book… When the Body Says No – the cost of hidden stress He talks about about the stress-emotion connection and the stress- immune connection – how our immune system … Continue reading

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