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We believe people can and do recover from "mental illness" - because we are living it. We believe in the power of supporting each other: learning from and with each other. You are welcome to join us..

Illness? or Dangerous Gifts? Sascha Altman DeBrul

To label a state of being as “extreme” is  to pass judgement and to seek to box the unboxable, impose some prefered state order upon necessary chaos ? So who gets to judge if what you experience is “extreme” ? … Continue reading

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Scorchio!!! Make Your Own $20 AC Unit

Toronto’s Public Health decided they can no longer be arsed to issue hot weather Alerts, so here’s one: ITS GONNA BE  FUCKING HOT OUT THERE !!! And, since Tronto Public Health also decided it cant be arsed to offer cooling … Continue reading

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Hearing Voices Workshop #1 Accepting Voices – Thu October 24th

This introductory and foundational workshop will open doors of understanding, in non-dignostic non-categorising ways, a  range of experiences that get called “psychosis” like difficult to hear voices. Ihis workshop isdesigned especially for those who work in health and social services … Continue reading

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Resistance is Resilience: Resilience is Resistance

Article I first drafted two years ago now, published today in Canadian Journal of Disabilities Studies, Vol 8, Iss 4, Survivals, Ruptures, Resiliences. This is my first artile published in a peer reviewed journal, so: Whoohoo! Big up from my … Continue reading

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Hearing Voices Cafe – Toronto 2019

Hearing Voices Cafe Toronto Coffee and That Jazz 72 Howard Park Ave 6pm to 8pm. First Monday of each month – except when its teh second monday. For those willing to open themselves to lisetn, to be changed by what … Continue reading

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and you called me…

I shared with you some of how I struggle sometimes. And you called me…                                 SCHIZO… I said that I saw things differently, and that I … Continue reading

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A Midsummer’s MADx

Get yer MADx on. Cos… MADx is coming! First time on a Saturday eve! Saturday 8th June 2019  9pm to 11pm [ish] Imperial Pub Downstairs Bar Room at the back.   MADx is about live Performance. Song | Stand Up … Continue reading

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Choose your language…

This is not offered as a piece about “right language” and “wrong language”. It is clearly about language but it is really about choice- and the many choices we make whenever we use language to describe another person. Especially, for … Continue reading

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Pharmacists sent into care homes amid fears pensioners are being put at risk by drugs cocktail

“Healthcare” has become all about drugs. Time to make it about care and about people and about living a life worth living. Here’s a small and welcome change happening in UK. Where 400, 000 people living in “care homes” take … Continue reading

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Blackbird – Emma Stephens

Emma Stephen sings the Beatles song Blackbird in her native language, Mi’kmaq.  

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