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We believe people can and do recover from "mental illness" - because we are living it. We believe in the power of supporting each other: learning from and with each other. You are welcome to join us..

Hearing Voices Workshop #1 Accepting Voices – Thu 30th April 2020

This introductory and foundational workshop will open doors of new understanding, in non-diagnostic non-categorising ways, a range of human experiences like difficult-to-hear voices that get called names like “psychosis”. This workshop is designed especially for those who work in health … Continue reading

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Backpacks – Trevor Boyd

Backpacks Trevor Boyd   My life is like this backpack I carry with me, The content inside it brings complexity. My classmates all have them, but none are the same. Each has its own items, each attached to a name. … Continue reading

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Acceptance – Alex Jadad

“I’be been reflecting a lot” Alax Jadad physician, on how he learned from both his grandfather and father – both physicians… What if…?

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Crisis: Every two hours someone in Canada dies of Opioid Overdose

Why do people hear voices? Three in four of all humans will at some point in their lives- often around distressing and overwhelming  life events. It might be more informative to ask why do some people NOT hear voices? Hearing … Continue reading

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The shape of stories- Kurt Vonnegut

I shared this with a friend the other day  we laughed a lot together. Much wisdom and food for though t in here too. Including: When you share your story, make sure its you who is holding the pen. Kurt … Continue reading

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Hearing Voices Cafe – Toronto 2020

Hearing Voices Cafe Toronto Coffee and That Jazz 72 Howard Park Ave 6pm to 8pm. First Monday of each month – except when its the second monday because of holidays. For those willing to open themselves to listen, willing to … Continue reading

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Memorial 1000 – Toronto – 12noon Tue Jan 14th 2020

At least 10, 000 people will spend tonight and every night without a home in Toronto. Fundamentally there are simply too few homes – for all of us- in Toronto. Toronto has not invested in any substantial way in social … Continue reading

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Four kinds of Invisibilities – Lewis Gordon

Lewis Gordon “This issue of invisibility is a very strange one. A lot of the people who are being called “invisible” have to be first identified, and then be informed or told they are invisible, or a zero so we … Continue reading

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What’s it like being homeless in Toronto?

What’s it Like Being Homeless in Toronto? CBC’s The National Toronto Commentary: Toronto – like many cities and many towns too – is in a housing crises. In Canada’s wealthiest city well over ten thousand people each night rely on … Continue reading

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Decolonize The Mind – neurodecolonization – Dr Michael Yellow Bird

  <p><a href=”″>DECOLONIZING THE MIND</a> from <a href=””>cheryle easter</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p> More like this at…  

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