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We believe people can and do recover from "mental illness" - because we are living it. We believe in the power of supporting each other: learning from and with each other. You are welcome to join us..

Chokehold: Stop and Frisk

Stop-and-frisks are brutal assertions of police dominance on African American men, through sexual harassment, torture and even terrorism. Continue reading

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Thunderstruck – Steve’n’Seagulls

Big thanks to my friend SD for this one… Who knew Finnish Bluegrass-Metal was a thing?

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I’m Shippin’ up to Boston – Dropkick Murphys

I’m shipping up to Boston whoa I’m shipping up to Boston whoa I’m shipping up to Boston whoa I’m shipping off…to find my wooden leg “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” I’m a sailor peg And I’ve lost my leg Climbing … Continue reading

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HV Group Toronto – Fall 2017 dates

HV Group Toronto begins its eighth year in Sep 2017. Continue reading

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Good thoughts bad thoughts…..

Travel like a king Every ending is a new beginning Life is an endless unfoldment Change your mind, and you change your relation to time Bullshit thoughts rot your meat Think right, and you can fly The kingdom of heaven … Continue reading

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Pathways from surviving adverse experiences to being deemed “psychotic

We will likely be told we have “lost touch with reality”, whatever that means, when the truth is it’s really not hard to understand: we are struggling to feel safe in the world. Continue reading

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Hold On – Nightwulf

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Rollin in The Deep – Linkin Park


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Hold on – Nightwulf

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Hearing Voices Cafe: Toronto, Fall 2017

Many social movements have their origins in cafes, Toronto’s Hearing Voices Cafe is one such… ” Matt Galloway CBC Metro Morning
Join us for a different kind of conversation about whet it means to be human in this world. Continue reading

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