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We believe people can and do recover from "mental illness" - because we are living it. We believe in the power of supporting each other: learning from and with each other. You are welcome to join us..

Workshop#1: Accepting Voices – Thu 29th Nov 2018

Pleased to announce, in community partnership with Inner City Family Health Team, this special opportunity to participate in our highly valued “liberating” , emancipatory”,  even “universe-tilting” Workshop #1: Accepting Voices. This workshop offers a beginning, an introduction to a non-diagnostic, non-medical,  human … Continue reading

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blah blah blah – Armin van Buuren

All we ever hear from you is blah blah blah So, all we ever do is go ya ya ya And we don’t even care about what they say ‘Cause it’s ya ya ya ya Blah blah blah blah Blah … Continue reading

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Hearing Voices Group Toronto | Fall 2018

Ninth year. new location! We’re moving downtown. The Where Inner City Family Health Team – ICFHT 4th Floor 69 Queen St East  The When Dates –  see poster Times-  6:00pm to 7:30pm Note: 1. Take the stairs or the the smellyvator … Continue reading

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R.E.S.P.E.C.T. | Aretha Franklin

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Hearing Voices Cafe Toronto – Fall 2018

Hearing Voices Cafe, Toronto Hearing Voices Cafe is open to all – we invite you to join us in a different kind of conversation about what it means to experience being human in this world. Many human experiences like hearing … Continue reading

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The conversational nature of reality – David Whyte

David Whyte on the conversational nature of reality at the frontier of that which we call “me” and that which we call  “not me”, where “self” and “the world” are entwined,  in constant enfoldment and emergence with each other… David … Continue reading

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Voices – Lauren Sanderson

We fight hate with hate We fight love with fear We fight dreams with doubts and we disappear   Voices Lauren Sanderson VOICES LYRICS I think sometimes we see the right signs Hate that they’re right Claim we’re still blind … Continue reading

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What if we could learn to listen, really listen, to feel and to hold each other’s pain…?

Hearing voices is in our society typically regarded as unusual and only experienced when a person is said to have a “mental illness” when it is in fact very common human experience, and one that is both infinitely varied and … Continue reading

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Whenever we take it upon ourselves to decide for another…

Whenever we take it upon ourselves to decide for another of us what they need we take away their power to decide for themselves. We reduce the space in which they can be human. We reduce the space the space … Continue reading

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The Rain Song – Jimmy Page and Robert Plant

Upon us all, upon us all a little rain must fall Just a little rain, oh Ooh, yeah-yeah-yeah…     The Rain Song- Lyrics It is the springtime of my loving The second season I am to know You are … Continue reading

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