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come laugh you head off

Laughing Like Crazy Showcase – Thu 27th Feb 2014 If you think mental health is nothing to make jokes about- that may be your meds. Think again, or don’t think –  just come laugh your ass,  your arse, or your head … Continue reading

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Seeing things? Hearing things? Many of us do – Oliver Sacks

Short piece by Oliver Sacks from Nov 2012 in the lead up to publication of his book “Hallucinations”. Seeing things, hearing things, thinking things, feeling things that others don’t is what humans do- we all see, hear feel think in … Continue reading

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the psychiatrist’s office – Dr Bullock & The Muppets

What every psychiatrist’s office could use  a little more of… phe-no-me-nah! . . . . . boy,  you sure are  crazy! . . . . related posts… psychiatry – in recovery   manamana  

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the bullying experiment – fouseyTUBE

fouseyTUBE‘s bullying experiment… Q. how do people respond when they witness one person  bullying another? “So I feel like the big issue with today’s generation is bullying: why does bullying continue and why doesn’t anybody put a stop to it? … Continue reading

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when peers mess you up – Dieter Wolke

Dieter Wolke and his team research  bullying in all its forms and its impact on our soul and how we turn out in later life. He’s also working on his stand-up routine and has some good jokes – and, since … Continue reading

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who – David Byrne & St Vincent

Who walks this dusty road? Who always pulls their weight? Who’s this?! Inside of me Who made a big mistake Who sees these constellations Seen in those spinning round Carry these men and women Who get lost when the sun … Continue reading

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the laughing heart – Charles Bukowski

your life is your life don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission. be on the watch. there are ways out. . . . . The Laughing Heart your life is your life don’t let it be clubbed into dank … Continue reading

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murmuration – Liberty and Sophie

Liberty Windsor and Sophie Winsdor Clive were out on a canoe trip and encountered a rare and inspiring natural phenomena. It took a few a few moments to get the camera out – but be glad they did because they … Continue reading

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Midnight’s Children

Salman Rushdie’s magical realism tale of children born around  midnight on August 15, 1947, when India transitioned into independent Republic of India – “born in the hour of freedom, handcuffed to history”. The central character Saleem is born on the … Continue reading

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stone cold dead in the market

  Stone Cold Dead in the Market Lyric:                Frederick Wilmoth Hendricks Performed by: Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Jordan & his Tympany Five. Stone Cold Dead in the Market Ella Fitzgerald and Louis JordanHe’s stone … Continue reading

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