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DSM-5 – Animal Pharm?

As DSM5 goes to press midst lots of criticism, a different perspective… Is DSM5 a spectacularly sinister and stoooopid project designed to put us all in nice little boxes – like the ones for sale at those fetishistic organising emporia … Continue reading

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one of these is easy to understand

One of these is easy to understand. The other is a delusion, a trick of the mind . One of these is easy to understand The other is too often a tool of oppression, used to other and dehumanise people: most of … Continue reading

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what have I done – Joshua Hyslop

What have I done – Joshua Reynolds Featuring:  Anna Scouten I have surrendered, my hopes, my dreams And all of these things, they are yours Whatever they bring, they are yours I don’t remember what it was like To look … Continue reading

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Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men

There’s an old voice in my head that’s holding me back Well tell her that I miss our little talks Soon it will be over and buried with our past We used to play outside when we were young And … Continue reading

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is marriage a leading cause of serious “mental illness” ?

Still think people hear voices because they have a broken brain/ serious “mental illness”? Maybe they’re just married and their spouse has died. Try this… From research … Almost half of married people experience some form of seeing, hearing or … Continue reading

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HUAD – Mass Outbreak

Just in – evidence, this from from Germany, of an unverified mass outbreak of HUAD in the general population. like it says, gotta be better ways of making a living, eh?       HUAD – Head up Ass Disorder…Real Disorders in for an … Continue reading

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HUAD – Head Up Ass Disorder

Head Up Ass Disorder A condition which typically affects members of professional bodies and representatives of large corporations that are built on claims of dodgy science and marketing untruths. Members of APA were found to be over represented in epidemiology … Continue reading

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monsters – Anna Scouten

Monsters under my bed Give me such a fright Monsters in my head Come out at night . . . . . .   . Monsters Monsters under my bed Give me such a fright Monsters in my head … Continue reading

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monster – Meg and Dia

His little whispers, “Love me, love me That’s all I ask for Love me, love me.” He battered his tiny fists to feel something Wondered what it’s like to touch and feel something M Monster – Meg and Dia His … Continue reading

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one billion rising | dance party Toronto

  One Billion Rising Toronto | Official Dance Party  On February 14, 2013, together with one billion women around the world and the men who love them, Torontonians will also raise their voices and dance together in solidarity with those … Continue reading

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