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I’ve always been a creative person… Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga talking on The Graham Norton Show about how she harnesses her voices to inspire her creativity… Short Clip [45sec] Full episode [37min]

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Score more goals ! Robin van Persie

Robin van Persie is one of the world’s best and most successful footballers – sure it took more than  his thirty goals to win the English Premiership last season but his team would have won nutt’n  more than a participant’s … Continue reading

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voices inside my head – house music

This is post No 500 on recoverynetwork:Toronto mah na! maah nah maah nah nah nah nah maah nah nah nah nah maah nah nah nah nah nah nah voices voices inside my head echoes of things that you said

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Is that God Talking? – Tanya Lurhmann

A great op-ed piece in yesterday’s NY Times by  Tanya Lurhmann,  in which she casts her anthropologists gaze upon a  slice of the incredible diversity of  human experience – hearing voices that others don’t; and, in particular,  those who understand and … Continue reading

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Fifth of children hear voices in their head

Just because a person hears voices does not necessarily mean they are ill. Many people hear voices  – research shows about ten percent of us between hear voices on a regular basis and even as many as 70% will do … Continue reading

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Living with voices in your head: Eleanor Longden, TED2013

Eleanor Longden knocked one clear out of the park at TED 2013 in Longbeach, California  Thursday Feb 28. Eleanor is a voice hearer and award winning psychologist and researcher into voice hearing, trauma and dissociation. She presented a short version … Continue reading

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is marriage a leading cause of serious “mental illness” ?

Still think people hear voices because they have a broken brain/ serious “mental illness”? Maybe they’re just married and their spouse has died. Try this… From research … Almost half of married people experience some form of seeing, hearing or … Continue reading

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human book – kevin healey

For all those who’ve been encouraging me to write a book: I didn’t -at least not yet – but I did become a book… Saturday 20th Oct 2012 Kevin Healey will be on the shelf at the North York branch of Toronto … Continue reading

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World Hearing Voices Day – Friday 14th September 2012

World Hearing Voices Day for updates, including programme for afternoon session click here World Hearing Voices Day, Friday, 14th September celebrates hearing voices as part of the diversity of human experience, increasing awareness of the fact that you can hear … Continue reading

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Learning from the voices in my head – Eleanor Longdon

Eleanor Longdon at TEDx London in 2012 telling her story of going to university, eagerly entering the student life fine times, but underneath deeply unhappy but skilled at hiding it.  Then she began hearing a voice – ” my strange commentator” – and mistake … Continue reading

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