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Connecting… A space to connect, share, and learn with and from each other… This is an online group – on facebook with members from around planet earth. Find it here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/485705918484672/ Group Description 1. This group is for people who are … Continue reading

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Learning to learn – what we know from skateboarding

What can we learn about learning from skateboarding? Continue reading

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living with extreme states and difficult experiences – Jan 2014

Do you live with…? voices? visions? dissociations? “delusions” difficult thoughts? other altered, “extreme” “unusual” states and exriences? all kinds of “crazy batshit stuff” others just don’t “get” or understand? Are you looking for… a safe place to explore different understandings, … Continue reading

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trauma and recovery – Judith Herman

  As Judith Herman makes clear for us, the core experiences of psychological trauma are being left feeling powerless and disconnected – from our body, from our sense of self and from others. It follows that work of supporting those … Continue reading

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WRAP® for people who hear voices

This program offers you an opportunity to begin to take more control of your life learn how you can use WRAP®to help you focus on wellness and to manage the ups and downs of living make sense of your own … Continue reading

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born to learn – adolescence is not a mental disorder

How did we come to see adolescence as a problem? Worse yet, how did we come to accept some dodgy doctor’s treament of adolescence as some kind of diagnosable mental illness? and one that is best dealt with by administering … Continue reading

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if you knew what I know…

It’s always easier to list tools and rules and pretend that’s all folks need to do a difficult, complex  job, under pressure and midst competing demands and increasing pressure to monitor performance. Tick the box training Its a game: boards, funders , … Continue reading

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The brain that changes itself – interview

Interview with Allan Greg on TVO with Dr Norman Doidge about the book Gregg: “For a long time we believed thatthe human brain was fixed -hard wired. However scientists now realise that far from being fixwd, the brain has remarkable … Continue reading

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Iian McGilchrist – The Divided Brain

Iian McGilchrist’s RSA talk The Divided Brain – how its not quite the way we used to think but the brain is profoundly divided and how we need to think of not being either left or right brain – but left … Continue reading

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Trialogue: community dialogue on mental health

When I first heard the term “Trialogue”–   I was at the same time puzzled : why would anyone want a dialogue with only three perspectives? and intrigued : sounds interesting, something like  the dialogues that  I was familiar with and witnessed … Continue reading

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