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Mad Pride Toronto |2015

Why get mad when you can BE MAD?
MadPrideTO 2015
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empathy – Brene Brown

Brene Brown on empathy and how empathy is v-e-r-y different from sympathy in an RSI Animation short. From the video: “Empathy fuels connection. Sympathy drives disconnection.” Sharing work of Theresa Wiseman… “Empathy comprises: Perspective taking – the ability to take the perspective of another … Continue reading

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Detachable Penis – King Missile

Even though sometimes its a pain in the ass I like having a detachable penis Detachable Penis – Lyrics  “Detachable Penis” is track #1 on the album Happy Hour. It was written by Rick, Dave / Hall, John S. / … Continue reading

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in many ways voices are just like people…

In many ways voices are just like humans
sometimes we have important, insightful and worthwhile things to say, so you may want to listen…
but mostly we’re just full of crap.
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farmer, trombone, cows

To paraphrase VS Ramachandran, just because something happens that we don’t understand doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, it just means we’re not smart enough to understand. We could spend millions of dollars investigating elaborate theories to explain exactly what “caused” … Continue reading

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Bullied children five times more likely to suffer psychotic episodes

More from the work of Dieter Wolke and his team who research the effects of  bullying. They found that… children who are bullied in younger years are almost five times more likely to have difficult time with  experiences like hearing voices … Continue reading

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Cassette – Fridge


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oops upside your head – The Gap Band

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Writer David Mitchell- on conversing with the characters in his novels

Hearing voices others don’t and think you’re going crazy? Think again. In some cultures it’s those who don’t, or can’t  hear voices  who are regarded as troubled. Know that all kinds of people do hear all kinds of voices – … Continue reading

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66% of world leaders hear voices

We know that two of these three world leaders heard voices.
All we know about the third is that he never told us he did.
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