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Blues Is My Wailing Wall – Mighty Mo Rodgers

I hear voices across the sea…           Advertisements

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Workshop #1 Accepting Voices in Ajax – Fri Nov 24th 2017

This workshop is open to all. Registration is required, available online NOW with limited number of places at early bird discount rates  until Oct 10. Limited places available.   Community Partners   Big thanks to Durham Mental  Health Services and CMHA … Continue reading

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Workshop: Carnival des Voix – Toronto 14th Jul 2017

This event is sponsored and hosted by CS Info Centre Free workshops for those who struggle with experiences like hearing voices that get called names like “psychosis”, and that can be isolating and difficult to live with, and difficult to … Continue reading

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I see him all the time…

Lori Anderson talking of Lou Reed…     “Lou is the most wonderful person I’ve ever met and I think of him all the time and he’s completely inspiring to me. I miss him enormously, but there’s no point in … Continue reading

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Humans are funny lot, obsessing over some thing they call ‘control’ – but its a weird word, like humans can control anything… like as if any thing controls any other thing… “Control is about as real as a one-legged unicorn … Continue reading

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Voices inside 10 million heads

Voices inside my head
Echoes. Things that you said Continue reading

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Visions, voices, spirits, ghosts, apparitions, manifests – or whatever you call them- they are real.

If you experience voices, visions, manifests, know this: they are real.
If you don’t, then know two things: they are real and you’re missing out. Continue reading

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I’m not smart enough to understand

If someone says something I don’t understand it doesn’t mean they are crazy
– it means I’m not smart enough to understand.
V.S. Ramachandran Continue reading

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psychiatry – disabled by fear of the voices others hear ?

Does Psychiatry fears the voices it cannot hear? What might they be saying, maybe they are talking about how psychiatry clearly has a case of Norfolk & Clue and clearly has only one coping mechanism – making us as dependent on drugs … Continue reading

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in many ways voices are just like people…

In many ways voices are just like humans
sometimes we have important, insightful and worthwhile things to say, so you may want to listen…
but mostly we’re just full of crap.
Dave Umbongo Continue reading

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