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Hearing Voices Cafe – Mon 14th Sep 2020

Hearing Voices Cafe Mon Sep 14th 2pm to 4pm Cafe & All That Jazz 72 Howard Park Ave  Roncesvalles,  Toronto TTC routes: 506, 501, 504    pdf:  Hearing Voices Cafe Toronto – Sep 2020   For those willing to open … Continue reading

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The origins of psychiatric diagnoses – James Davies

Ever struggled with a psychiatric diagnoses given to you? Ever been curios about where mental illness categories come from? ever been curious about the process by which came about a way of categorizing, talking about and thinking about human struggle … Continue reading

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We have had enough – Michael Jordan

I am deeply saddened, truly pained and plain angry. I see and feel everyone’s pain, outrage and frustration. I stand with those who are calling out the ingrained racism and violence toward people of color in our country. We have … Continue reading

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COVID-19 in Toronto Shelters: Publicly Reported Numbers of Residents Who have tested positive

There is much reporting of numbers COVID-19 numbers. REcent weeks have rightly seen a focus of attention on teh unfolding tradgedy in lon term care homes. the province of Ontario made it a priority- one of four. At eth same … Continue reading

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Running The World – Jarvis Cocker

Running the World Jarvis Cocker Did you hear? There’s a natural order Those most deserving will end up with the most That the cream cannot help but always rise up to the top Well I say, “Shit floats” If you … Continue reading

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#WeApplaud #OnApplaudit: Millions pay tribute to hospital workers from their balconies

Millions of citizens in countries across Europe step out of the front door, onto the balcony or lean out the window to applaud the work of healthcare workers who  care for us and others who work in other essential services  … Continue reading

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Reality – objective, cultural, shared and unshared

Some ideas on reality by Seth Godin: shared, unshared, objective and cultural; also context, bananas and bicycles. Reality used to be a friend of mine. Sometimes we impose our version of reality upon others. Sometimes others use their power to … Continue reading

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The biology of our best and worst selves – Robert Sapolsky

One thing that’s clear is you’re not going to get anywhere if you think there’s going to be the brain region or the hormone or the gene or the childhood experience or the evolutionary mechanism that explains everything.  Instead, every bit of behavior … Continue reading

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The path to success is a squiggle

Success- whatever that is, is not at the end of a predetermined linear path of must-do steps. It is much, much more to do with having made our own path to getting there- wherever that is we find ourselves in … Continue reading

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Backpacks – Trevor Boyd

Backpacks Trevor Boyd   My life is like this backpack I carry with me, The content inside it brings complexity. My classmates all have them, but none are the same. Each has its own items, each attached to a name. … Continue reading

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