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The problem with using a word… Johan Cruyff

The problem with using a word is that everyone interprets it differently.
Johan Cruyff Continue reading

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Crazy – TEEMID feat, Joie Tan


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Crazy – Daniela Andrade

Maybe I’m crazy Maybe you’re crazy Maybe we’re crazy Probably   Crazy – Lyrics I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind There was something so pleasant about that place. Even your emotions had an echo … Continue reading

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Sluggin fer Jesus – Cabaret Voltaire

Do, dee do,  dee doo dum doo

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‘They’re waking up’: Reducing drugs for dementia patients yields dramatic results

Sounds like a lot like a plot for a movie based on a true story based on an older  movie based on a true story. Maybe someone’s been watching “Awakenings” and getting ideas. Whilst care in Ontario care homes increasingly looks … Continue reading

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Hot on the heels of love – Throbbing Gristle


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Can you feel the force

Wooo wooo wooa whooo! Can you feel the force?     Can you feel the force? Can you feel the force? Can you feel the force? Whoo oo oo ooo Can you feel the force? Whoo oo oo ooo Can … Continue reading

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The utter and heartbreaking stupidity of words

Talk, talk, talk:
the utter and heartbreaking stupidity of words.
William Faulkner Continue reading

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Jump Around – House of Pain

Jump around Jump around Jump around Jump up, jump up and get down. JUMP! Jump Around Pack it up, pack it in Let me begin I came to win Battle me that’s a sin I won’t tear the sack up … Continue reading

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Mathematics – MosDef

Hip-Hop past all your tall social hurdles Like the nationwide projects, prison-industry complex Working class poor, better keep your alarm set Streets too loud to ever hear freedom ring Booka-booka-booka-booka-booka-booka Ha hah, you know the deal, it’s just me Dog … Continue reading

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