Hearing Voices Training

Note – This page is a Work In Progress

We have been designing, building and offering unique, highly innovative training and learning experiences about Hearing Voices for five years.
we envision a society that understands
Our aim is play our role in bringing about a society, a community that understands voice hearing and support the needs of people who hear voices and view them as full citizens. 

Our training is designed to build capacity within the community – specifically to aid and enable you play your role in joining with us to enact that society. 

Everyone can play a role in this.

Our training is specifically designed for those who work in “mental health “systems and encounter people whose struggle can include “voices” and other experiences that get called “psychosis”.

It is also designed to be suitable for family members, carers and friends who support someone in their life.

  • #1 Accepting Voices

  • #2 Working With Voices

  • # 3 Starting and sustaining a HV group in your community

We have also begun to offer training especially for experienced  clinicians designed to help them build confidence in supporting clients for whom part of how they experience struggling is with difficult voices.

Clinician Training – offered through Oshawa Psychological Training Institute.

  • Hearing Voices Part 1:  Learning to Listen to “Auditory Hallucinations”